Residents in Berechurch and Shrub End Get Connected to Gigabit Full Fibre Broadband

LilaConnect announced in August 2021, that more than 1,200 homes across Berechurch and Shrub End can now access some of the fastest, most reliable broadband anywhere in the UK. A further 4,500 homes will ‘go live’ in the area by the end of the year.

The LilaConnect network uses Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband technology – providing a dedicated future-proof connection where the fibre optic cables are laid all the way from the signal source directly into the property. This differs from Fibre-to-the Cabinet (FTTC), offered by some network operators, which is a blend of copper and fibre optic cables. Millions of subscribers across the UK who think that they benefit from a fibre connection aren’t aware that the fibre only goes to the street cabinet and then an outdated copper line, connects the cabinet to the premises.

The work is being undertaken in collaboration with Colchester Amphora Trading Ltd (CATL), the commercial arm of Colchester Borough Council, as part of the council’s ambitious programme to provide full fibre broadband to tens of thousands of homes and businesses across Colchester and future-proof the town’s digital infrastructure.

Fibre is the core infrastructure of any future digital economy as innovations such as virtual reality, smart home applications, telehealth and online learning require high quality and high-speed broadband.

In addition, LilaConnect puts choice and flexibility into the hands of its customers by providing the capability to connect directly to its full fibre network and gain access to all the digital services they require. The network is open access which means subscribers will be able to take their internet service directly from LilaConnect or choose from a selection of its verified independent Service Provider partners. Additional services such as Phone (VoIP) and TV can also be purchased as required – depending on needs and budget. For Business customers, bespoke packages are available depending on service and SLA requirements.

We’re thrilled to announce LilaConnect going live in Berechurch and Shrub End. Construction works on the ground across Colchester is progressing extremely well, and the early signs of interest has exceeded our expectations.

Access to gigabit connectivity is an integral part of 21st century living. But It’s much more than just streaming video and music or online shopping, it’s also about transforming communities with improvements such as better access to employment, education and healthcare.

I’d encourage everyone who can, to switch to the new technology and take advantage of the many benefits that full fibre brings. ‘Full fibre’ is more reliable and more resilient meaning fewer faults and more reliable, consistent speeds. It is also ‘future-proof’ to easily meet the growing data demands of future technologies. Our ‘open access’ approach also enables customers to enjoy exceptional services, freedom of choice, at competitive prices.

Brett Shepherd

Managing Director , LilaConnect & VX Fiber Group

It’s great news that over 1,200 households can now benefit from a fast and secure full fibre network, with thousands more gaining access in the coming months. The delivery of full fibre connectivity will support the growing demands of home working and study, boost business innovation and growth, and help entice digitally aware businesses into the borough.

Cllr Paul Dundas

Leader of Colchester Borough Council

Residents and businesses interested in connecting to the new LilaConnect full fibre open access network can place an order or register their interest at or call 0800 955 6670.